towerplug® PROMO – Commercial AC tower with advertising screen

towerplug® PROMO – Double output 22 kW charger with advertising screen

Combining promotion and appealing power distribution is what the towerplug® PROMO embodies. The charger utilizes a large 55-inch LCD infotainment display to make commercial charging appealing to customers. This AC powerhouse is constructed from sheet metal and has a 5-inch LCD touchscreen and LED indicators to monitor the charging process.

The towerplug® PROMO offers efficient AC charging on a commercial scale. This floor stand charging tower is offered in a double gun configuration. It is available in one power output:

  • 22kW(32A) – Three Phase

Due to the design, the towerplug® PROMO is very suitable at scenery such as gas stations and public parking. The double guns allow two EV’s to be charged at the same time. In addition, the charger can be customized with different communication systems to allow users to oversee the charging process. With the APP, available on the APP Store and Play Store, users can control and monitor everything from their phone. Additionally, the charger can also be controlled with the use of RFID cards (10 included). Furthermore, OCCP to e-flux by ROAD is also available.

In addition, the towerplug® PROMO also offers Load Balancing through manual adjustment on the OCCP platform.

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Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 600 × 820 × 1720 mm


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