towerplug® – Commercial AC Tower

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towerplug® – Double cable gun 22 kW charger

With the towerplug®, AXAL Power provides the best charging tower option when it comes to environmentally- and budget-friendly charging. This charger combines strong performance and proper build quality, all in a sleek and simple design.

The towerplug® offers efficient AC charging on a commercial and private scale. This floor stand charging tower is offered in a double gun variant. It is available in one power output:

  • 22kW(32A) – Three Phase

This versatility in power allows the towerplug® to perform outstandingly from residential areas to industrial hotspots.

The charging towers’ appearance and performance are designed to fit in every environment and can be altered to your heart’s extent. The user interface consists of an LED indicator and a concise 5-inch LCD touchscreen showing the charging status. On top of that, the AC002 is also offered with multiple connectivity options to allow users to oversee the charging process. With the APP, available on the APP Store and Play Store, users can control and monitor everything from their phone. Additionally, the charger can also be controlled with the use of RFID cards (10 included). Furthermore, OCCP connection to e-flux by ROAD is also available.

The towerplug® also stands for a tough, durable design. It is certified as IP55, offering proper shielding against dust and harsh rain. The charger operates in temperatures from -30 to over 55 degrees Celsius. And to keep both the charger and the EV in perfect shape, the towerplug® has an incredibly low idle power usage and is equipped with many types of power protection.

In addition, the towerplug® also offers Load Balancing through manual adjustment on the OCCP platform.

We are also happy to offer you our installation service. (Ask us for a quote by sending us an email to

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Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 190 × 280 × 1630 mm

7kW single gun, 22kW single gun, 43kW single gun, 7kW double gun, 22kW double gun, 43kW double gun


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