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The homeplug® is the newest charger in the family of AXAL Power. It is the way to go when a compact, quality charging socket is your preference. The small wall-mounted charger provides a spot to plug in your Type 2 charging cable.

With the towerplug®, AXAL Power provides the best charging tower option when it comes to environmentally- and budget-friendly charging. This charger combines strong performance and proper build quality, all in a sleek and simple design. The towerplug® offers efficient AC charging on a commercial and private scale. This floor stand charging tower is offered in a double gun variant. It is available in three different power outputs.

Whether you are looking for an affordable wall connector around the house, office, or business, AXAL Power offers an effective charging solution in a sized-down quality package: The easyplug®. This portable or wall-mounted EV-charger provides charging on a smaller scale, while still containing all the desired functionalities and efficiency.

Combining promotion and appealing power distribution is what the towerplug® PROMO embodies. The charger utilizes a large 55-inch LCD infotainment display to make commercial charging appealing to customers. This AC powerhouse is constructed from sheet metal and has a 5-inch LCD touchscreen and LED indicators to monitor the charging process.

Fast Commercial
Charging Solutions

DC Power

Commercial fast charging is becoming more and more popular these days with so-called ‘superchargers’ being placed in countless public spaces, and with good reasoning. Offering power at larger rates reduces charging times hugely, but this development suffers from one major flaw: affordability. And that is where AXAL’s Power DCplug® comes into play.