About us

Empowering our future.

About us

Empowering our future.


AXAL Power B.V. is a leading electric vehicle charging station manufacturer based in the Netherlands, specialising in a wide range of private to commercial charging solutions. It was founded by a young aspiring entrepreneur in Enschede at the University of Twente. It all started with the burning desire to create something great, something of tremendous value, something that sets the tone of the mobility of the future. We are going to revitalize this age-old industry by bringing a youthful, technological and ecological approach towards the modernisation of transportation. Our goal and mission is to accelerate the rate of electrification of the world by offering high quality, accessible and cost-effective charging solutions while maintaining a very customer centred approach.


We believe EV charging should be simple and accessible to as many people as possible. 

Our goal and mission is to accelerate the rate of electrification of the world to achieve a more sustainable future. We aim to do this by offering a wide range of high quality and cost-effective charging stations. Empowering our future.

At AXAL Power, we are your personal EV partner. We will be there for you in every step of your EV journey.

Pol Torras Casablanca

Founder & CEO


Manuel Matrone



Erik-Jan van der Linden

Active Shareholder

Adeniji Adeoluwa Solomon

Business & Partnership Developer


Marius Tiberiu Ispas

Marketing Design Manager


Omar Abdo

Electrical Engineer


Emilija Bylaitė

Social Media & Marketing Manager


Kanan Teymurov



Benyamin Mimaroglu



Floris Kuijpers

Sales & Tenders


Nick de Vries

Technical Manager


Guillem Torras

Customer Operations Management


Are you next?

Send us an email to info@axalpower.com!

Are you next?

Send us an email to info@axalpower.com!

Are you next?

Send us an email to info@axalpower.com!


We aim to accelerate the process of electrification of the world by providing high quality electric vehicle charging stations that can be accessible to everyone at a cost-effective rate. Enabling a world where the right choice can be taken. We seek to become the world’s leading manufacturer of charging solutions.

The future starts today!


Would you like to join our team?

To be a great company, we need great individuals to work with us. Every single thing we do, in more ways than one, helps making a unique contribution to our world.

We seek the happiness of our customers, business partners and employees. For that reason, we strive to deliver the most high-quality service as professionals and experts in all situations of the electric automotive industry.

Our approach has always been to attract people who share the same passion as us about the company we are trying to build. We base ourselves on our important mission and core values. That is the reason we continue to identify people who share these same principles. For us, people are especially important.

We are in a massive growing industry in an international environment; from a personal and career development perspective, there is a great potential for people to work in our various businesses, to travel and experience different environments.

Get in touch with us and tell us about how you can add your value to AXAL Power!